Hafsah Qasim: The Solace of Art

Hafsah Qasim describes herself as the common student.

Her days are filled with studying repeated weekly and, seemingly, infinitely. Her added bonus, she describes, is being able to write after these extraneous days of living a life of routine. According to Qasim, writing began as a hobby but has since blossomed into a lifestyle. This lifestyle that Qasim delves into is one of much anguish and many obstacles, but most importantly: triumph.

On the context of her creative field, “Writing has always been kind of a solace for me,” said Qasim. She rationally bases writing as a wonderful medium to express those intimidating thoughts we all experience; the thoughts that are locked up and refuse to come out no matter how hard we push.

The audience views this brilliantly accomplished catharsis through the motif in her piece I am… in which Qasim introduces the perspective of a small voice. However, do not be fooled by its simplicity and size—there is more than meets the eye to this character.

On her artistic process, Qasim feels that it’s quite ordinary. “It always starts with me picking one idea or thought and revolving my writing around it. And then later editing, and proofreading it, which is an ordinary process when it comes to any piece of art. My writing can turn into a huge rant at times as well, but that only means I have to do more editing, and proofreading,” she stated.

Although she described this as a “bland” process, its simplicity and minimalistic facets are what transform the attached pieces into something larger than just prose or a poem. Qasim is able to take this ordinary process and execute its emotional trials into stories that reflect life. She loves adding art pieces to add an extra dimension to her writing. She mentions that her art can be seen as “multifarious”—it’s layered, it’s complicated, and it’s varied.

In Qasim’s opinion, the idea of triumph should be used to somewhat gratify small actions because there are “small, yet trivial, acts of winning moments in life.”

On a light-hearted endnote, Qasim happily tells her readers that she wishes to thank her friends and family and she encourages others to read as much as they can.

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/UshioUchiha

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