Honest Expressions with Simina Popescu

What do Truman Capote, Andalusian architecture, and cartoons all have in common with each other?

They influence Simina Popescu. In turn, she influences us.

Really, the artist can draw her inspiration from anywhere. “My inspirations change according to what I’m currently exposed to—seeing a new exhibition, having a good talk with a friend, all of that is going to feed into in my work at some point.”

This variety of influence is visible in Popescu’s work, as is her artistic talent. Ever since she could hold a pencil, Popescu has been captivated by creating. This passion has propelled her to unforeseen heights, starting from after-school art clubs to her city’s fine arts high school, and, finally, on to earning a degree in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in London, England.

This last step was a step outside the comfort zone. The 21-year-old made a leap from the traditional, “sophisticated” arts to a more modern approach through the course of her major.

Popescu admitted that she has yet to find the “one style” to fit all of her expressions, leading to her art becoming a mixture of styles and mediums. Yet, this lack of uniformity is fitting; the artist embodies the chaotic intersection of multiculturalism and variety. She, like other up-and-coming artists, cannot be boxed into one form.

“I’ve grown, but also, I miss that classical art education and its focus on technical skill. These days, everything has a sociopolitical message hidden in a very conceptual packaging, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, a bit caught in the middle between the two.”

This examination of the past and present has been the driving force behind Popescu’s Overwhelmed series; she realized that “playing with composition and brighter colors than I normally use,” led to pieces that were brutally honest self-reflections of her experiences.

Popescu’s art is not a unified style and it’s not always happy-go-lucky, and the artist herself is the first to admit that. But no matter what life has in store, you better believe that it will influence her work, and that is something that will better the world we all live in.

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Website: www.siminapopescuart.com

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Words by Martina Taylor / Design by Ndemazea Fonkem / Edited by Zoe Rivera, Chloe Wen, Danielle Irene / Photo by Simina Popescu

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