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It's our second birthday!

Wow. Today, Sept. 1, 2019, Aspirants officially turns 2-years-old.

We're not sure if we're ready for the so-called "terrible twos," but we'll be along for the ride regardless. We hope you stick around, too.

To celebrate, we're putting EVERYTHING on sale. And by that, we mean everything. Print copies from Volume Two and Volume One will be priced at 20% and 15% off respectively, and all digital copies will be going for $4 instead of our standard $5. We'd mark the prices down more, but this is the most we can do it without dipping our profits below 5 cents per copy.

We've also got some new things up our sleeves.

First thing's first—Aspirants Co is putting out a newsletter! We know we publish a lot, and there's a lot of stuff that goes on with Aspirants every week, so we've decided to deliver that straight to your inbox. (Plus, if you tell us your birthday, you'll get a personalized birthday message, which we think is pretty cool.)

To sign up for our newsletter, or to find more reasons for why you should, you can navigate to this page here.

Second, but just as important—we're launching a new branch of Aspirants Co. For the past two years, we've been publishing through Aspirants Magazine. And while we love the creators we feature and the creative element of the magazine, the truth is we needed a separate venue to feature other organizations, publications, brands, and more.

Why? So we can save our print space for creatives and give organizations their own spotlight, but also because sometimes our featured creators have side-projects and hustles that deserve their own space to breathe. That, and, because we think the way we can empower our audience is by giving them easier access to resources, opportunities, and other voices to listen to.

Aspirants Online's soft launch is today, but the first feature will go up later this week on Wednesday, and more features will be scheduled to go up weekly after that.

We hope you dig these stories just as much as we do.

We've said it a million times before—Aspirants was never really about ourselves. It's about you.

With love & power,

Ry and Danielle.

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