January Punch Hits All the Right Notes

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

It’s no secret that the arts have a way of stirring our souls and inspiring people who get the chance to experience them. Lucky for us, there are those who take the plunge to be creators and innovators themselves. That is the best way to describe two sisters named Natasha and Natalie, also known as the pop duo January Punch.

“We want someone to listen to our lyrics and say, ‘Yes. That’s exactly what I’m going through,’ or, ‘Yes, that happened/is happening to me right now.’”

This sense of connection with their listeners has benefits for both of them. To the sisters, their own music can act as a sort of therapy.

That feeling Natalie and Natasha get from seeing how their music inspires others taps into the true spirit of an artist: generosity. They don’t just play music so they can feel good; they want to actively share that with others. And according to them, it started in elementary school.

As they continued to grow as musicians, they learned new ways to improve.

“We started experimenting with synths and beats in the past year. It’s definitely interesting and different … It pushes us to think outside of our usual formula of coming up with guitar chords, then the lyrics, then percussion.

January Punch’s latest release, “If This is Love,” feels like a dreamy, psychedelic journey that adds a new flavor to this generation’s “bedroom pop” genre. This makes them a standout, and their use of motifs and stylistic layering bridge each one of their songs into a cohesive sound.

No matter where they live, or if their songs are born in a bedroom or a studio, January Punch has already cemented themselves as natural born artists who know the what, hows, and—more importantly—whys of music. And where will they go next? The answer is simple: make more music!

“We’re hoping to get an EP together and then play some shows!”

Keep up with January Punch here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/januarypunch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/januarypunch

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Words by James E. Monroe / Spread design by Ndemazea Fonkem and Ry X / Photos by January Punch

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