Jeremiah de Sesto: Striving for Progress

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

As humanity continues to strive for progress, we must always find new leaders to usher in positive change. And while the problems we face may be great, there are those who rise from misfortune to become changemakers and leaders.

Jeremiah de Sesto is one such leader. At 17, de Sesto already has an extensive resumé as a stellar academic student that includes serving as a both the national and state president of the National Beta Club Organization; the ​largest independent, non-profit, and educational youth organization in the US. Under his guidance, his team raised over $300,000 and increased membership and chapters nationwide. They also oversaw over 25,000 delegates at the club’s national convention and 4,000 delegates at the biggest gathering ever held in Savannah, Georgia.

De Sesto is a first-generation immigrant from Davao, Philippines, an area which he described as one “high in poverty, that lacks educational opportunities, and is war-torn from terrorism.”

But the US provided a different set of challenges.

“At a young age, I was always the underdog,” de Sesto explained. “Whether the situation was being the only kid in my class who was a person of color ... or badly losing my first school election ... [or] not knowing how to speak English, it seemed as if the world was inevitably against me.”

De Sesto will be attending Yale University this fall, where he will continue to learn how he can better himself and the world. “Through pursuing political science, I hope to advocate for the acceptance of finding common ground, as this is the key to American ingenuity and success.”

After Yale, he plans on attending law school to increase his ability to have an impact. “I plan to use this platform in the judicial system to protect and fortify the rights of the common man, and fight against the abuse of command and corruption, while effectively finding a solution in furthering economic prosperity.”

As de Sesto continues to learn and grow from his own experiences, one thing is for sure: he will continue to use his past to build a better future.

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