Junise Nixon’s Art of Plant-Based Cooking

Junise Nixon was always interested in natural healing and plants, so she decided to experiment with her own meal preparation. For about four and a half years, Nixon has been creating meals that are completely plant-based.

As part of her mission to be entirely plant-based in her meals, Nixon holds sustainability to be one of the most important things. For her, sustainability is more about respecting the physical ground we have been so lucky to live on rather than just focusing on the shiny social media campaigns.

“Just as we respect our mothers, we respect the Earth. [Earth] provides us with food, water, shelter.”

This respect and love for the Earth was instilled in her from an early age. Nixon is a Carribean-American and extremely proud of her background, which translates into the food she creates. Her favorite meals are inspired by her Trinidadian heritage.

“My favorite is a very traditional Trinidadian meal: callaloo, kind of like a Trinidadian cream of vegetables, which is typically dasheen bush or spinach, served with rice and stewed lentil peas.”

Nixon is currently studying anthropology and sociology. As she described it, “Every office, every organization needs people who understand people.” The opportunity to know people allows her to know herself even more.

She is interested in going into advertising and marketing, but hopes to focus on her culinary career after university, which includes opening her own plant-based restaurant, in order to share her love of the Earth’s natural splendors with the community.

“[I hope] to continue growing more and more in love with the culinary arts and to see where that love and passion takes me.”

In terms of legacy, Nixon is paving the way for future plant-based chefs. She is creating the space and using her energy and platform to educate people on the merits of a plant-based life.

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Stay up to date with Junise by following her social media below:

Instagram: instagram.com/plantbasedjuni

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bkjuni

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/junise-n-a9168b105


Words by Isabella Vega

Editors: Danielle Irene, Kathryn Grace, Chloe Wen

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