Kingston Farady: The Renaissance Man

“I think we live in a culture that celebrates a linear, hierarchical path to ‘greatness,’ right? A path unoccupied by failure, obstacles, or assistance.”

Meet Kingston Farady: challenging the status quo and a self-ascribed “renaissance man.”

“[E]ngaging in seemingly different interests is what gives me energy—it’s what gives me life. I’m an extremely creative and curious person, and I tend to follow my heart and gut wherever that may lead me,” the Queens, New Yorkian said.

Those paths led him to his career as an actor, writer, speaker, and advocate. You might get the feeling he’s above your ordinary jack-of-all-trades. And with over 3,000 followers, it seems the rest of the world is beginning to feel it, too.

“Acting is a platform where we get to safely engage with and explore our shadow selves, both as actor and audience, separate and shared, subject and object.”

There’s a lot of nuances to artistic industries, and Kingston has some advice he’d like to share with other marginalized people; specifically, trans people of color.

“[I]f I am to humbly offer any advice to my trans and GNC family aspiring to a career in the creative industry, I’d say no matter what: wake up, breathe, move, practice, dream, and repeat. Allow your love to be your focus, your desire, your strength, and failures to teach. Curiosity is a saving grace and amusement is the secret to alchemy. You’re living your truth and it illustrates your strength—allow it to be a constant reminder that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.”

So much can be said about Kingston Farady. But if I have to sum it up, I’d say that he always cares deeply. “I want my legacy to leave people with a feeling of love in their hearts.”

And the future is no exception.

“I’m currently working on an online platform with curated content that caters specifically to the health and wellbeing of historically marginalized bodies, minds, and spirits. Set to go live summer of 2020! Stay tuned,” he exclaimed.

We will for sure. And we hope you do, too.

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Words by Danielle Irene

Portrait of Kingston by Collective Consciousness Theatre

Editors: Mari Kramer, Hilary Kwan, Kathryn Stoner, Erika Wang, Chloe Wen

Designers: Kathryn Zix

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