Maya Siegel’s Spark and What Sets it Aflame

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Everyone feels it at some point in their life: it being that spark, that fire that spreads to your feet, then your arms, and finally to your brain, where the real magic happens. This feeling is present in every young person making their way through this current moment; a moment in which they are accustomed to watching those in power be too afraid to do what’s needed to actually benefit their lives.

Maya Siegel by Amy Johnson of Amy Johnson Photography

It’s the same fire that the advocate Maya Siegel, 19, felt when she decided to make a change in the world around her. Siegel is the co-creator of Space to Speak, a Board Member of ThinkOcean, as well as a member of the Gen Z Girl Gang Community.

“I take on many projects because I care about a lot of things,” said Siegel, whose passion for changing the world has ultimately been what has fueled her journey.

Each organization creates a new piece of what she will leave behind in the world, fitting together to create a spectacular whole. As for her future plans, Siegel hopes to earn a degree in graphic design in order to run her own company in the future. She is also intent to continue developing Space to Speak.

“When I was in middle school, I was painfully shy,” said Siegel. “Now, I’m the co-founder of an organization that amplifies young voices. I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped me find the confidence to stand by the causes that I believe in. In sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to do the same-even the shy ones that are terrified of public speaking just like I was.”

Even those who start off believing their voice isn’t loud enough should never let it be silenced. You never know when your spark can turn into a flame that will burn for years to come.

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Instagram: maya.siegel

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Words by Isabella Vega

Portraits of Maya by Amy Johnson of Amy Johnson Photography

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