Meaning in Music with Mason Summit

Comprised of earthy tones and smooth vocalsboth complimented by a resounding and accompanying bassMason Summit’s Thoughts and Prayers is a single that doesn’t fail to cheer up its audience after national hardships. The newly released song invites the listener to delve into the story of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

Coming from Los Angeles, California, Summit is the underground folk singer we’ve been looking for. Summit remarks that his personality lives vicariously through his music.

“There’s some sarcasm and dark humor,” he stated light-heartedly. Surprisingly enough, the birth of Thoughts and Prayers came from a songwriting class but draws inspiration from the October Las Vegas shooting in which the death toll rose to 59 lives—each never forgotten.

“For my generation, mass shootings and gun control are some of the most important and urgent issues. This song was a visceral response to the normalization and routinization of shootings,” he professed.

The song doesn’t fail to comment on the state of gun control in America. Rather, it does so in a conspicuous way that is both enjoyable and eye-opening. On a lighter note, Summit described that this single “musically rocked harder” than anything he has recorded thus far.

The passion Summit has as both an activist and performer has made him energizing, refreshing, charitable, and impactful.

Reflecting on this balance and its positives, he stated, “Getting to do the thing I love for a good cause is a really lucky thing.”

Summit remarked that he took a little break from recording, but he is working on something new: a record! To listen to more down-to-earth and politically insightful singles, follow Summit on his social media tags. His activist-central self mixed with his musician self has made him a force to be reckoned with and a speaker for the speechless; both valid reasons to keep up to date with his activities.

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