MJ Lee: Home is Where the Art Is

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

For Texas-based artist, MJ Lee, home is not a specific physical location.

“I think home is where you feel comfort and love when you come back from a long day of work, and to me that’s returning to the arms of my loved ones,” said Lee.

Her art piece “In Thought” is a product of delving into that personal definition of home. In the piece—while the physical aspects of what home means to her are present, like her house plants in her favorite corner of her home—she wove in facets of her restless, sporadic inner thoughts that are “able to escape more freely” when in the safety of home.

In Lee’s artwork, abstract modern art meets her own personal style. The ability to convey an idea using just lines and shapes is fascinating to the artist, and the viewer’s intuition to what has been drawn also interests her.

As a 20-year-old, Lee’s growing and learning every day. Her 20s contrast from her teen years in some ways, with her newfound freedom being at the forefront of these differences. Besides that, the absence of her parent’s orders seems to be a bit of a double-edged sword.

“This [perpetual questioning] sometimes causes me to be super indecisive on such the littlest things like picking a place to eat because subconsciously I feel uncomfortable if I choose a restaurant that someone in my friend group dislikes,” said Lee. “Being imperfect and accepting that is something I’m trying to learn and grow upon in my 20s.”

MJ Lee is a dreamer. A young artist whose work and style is constantly evolving and moving, much like her own restless and creative mind.

She finds home and a feeling of groundedness when with people who she cares deeply about and not within a clear-cut place. And much like other young creatives her age, she’s learning and finding her own place in the world.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/odengukk/

Tumblr: https://odengukk.tumblr.com/

Giphy: https://giphy.com/odengukk

Images: MJ Lee by Blu Moon Photography

Words by Sofia Elena Arzola

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