More Than a Podcast: Teenager Therapy

“To us, Teenager Therapy is more than a podcast. It is a responsibility. A responsibility to show the world that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel angry, depressed, worthless, ugly, and everything in between,” stated the members of the podcast Teenager Therapy.

Teenager Therapy is a group of selfless high school students dedicated to mastering the art of truth-telling in order to relate to any listener and inspire them to cope through hardships.

The group, based in Southern California, consists of five members: Gael Fernandez, Mark Hugo, Isaac Hurtado, Thomas Pham, and Kayla Suarez. Their passions include traveling, cooking, social activism, and creating a safe environment for teenagers everywhere.

The team’s story begins as early as elementary school, with each relationship sprouted from childlike conjecture. As the years progressed and friendships separated, they met again in high school—only to discover that the five shared similar interests and drive for human relatability.

Since the release of their first episode, the dynamic group has found that they have grown through more ways than just equipment upgrades. For example, group member Suarez voices her own opinions and is not afraid to stand out.

The in-depth discussion on the show transforms Teenager Therapy: it is more than just a podcast about teenagers talking about their lives, but an entry-point into an emerging subculture in which ordinary people can surpass their personal limits and become a source of revelation for any listener.

Their story doesn’t end here, however. They are on a journey to seek people like themselves.

“We don’t want everyone to hear our podcast. We simply want people like us. Because people like us want to make a change, and people like us are the ones that will truly listen.”

Teenager Therapy seeks to fulfill the desire in which the podcast becomes a void that can be filled by peers: individuals that, like us, are trying to find their place in the world.

Listen to the weekly podcast Teenager Therapy and delve into the familiar environment we all wish we had when we were fifteen.

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