Peter Jessy: Vulnerability in Music

Peter Jessy by Liv Viljoen

Peter Jessy, after a first listen, feels like a musician who knows how to be vulnerable. One listen of his single “Play Pretend” will have you lost in some serious self-reflection.

The track, to Jessy, is a look into vulnerability, the walls people put up, and the superficiality of social media. In a time when everyone’s success is judged on social media characteristics—followers, likes, verification badges—the song describes the feeling of being left behind.

“The song focuses on the feeling of having to pretend like everything is always okay,” Jessy commented. “I would see people get these amazing jobs, or get into very serious relationships, and I felt like I was the only one who was still trying to figure things out.”

Social feeds often hide the trials and tribulations of individual journeys, prompting others to put up walls. From the outside looking in, everyone we follow is successful; though there are moments hidden from the timeline, the common assumption is that by a certain age, any person should have everything in their life together.

And, while the track is raw and honest, the truth is Jessy is still learning how to be vulnerable. More than that, he is learning how to articulate and express this vulnerability. Jessy’s hoping that his music offers truth and clarity, not only for himself but for others.

And while he’s putting that music out, he’s making a conscious effort to make sure that people know that he’s queer.

“I try to be as openly queer as possible in hopes that others with similar experiences can take comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.”

For Jessy, being as openly queer as possible most notably means refusing to water down his message—he’ll write and sing about boys if he wants to.

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Words by Ry X

Image by Liv Viljoen

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