Pins that Make Heads Turn

“We believe that the smallest detail can make people turn their heads to you and smile,” stated Goda Narijauskaitė, founder and owner of wholesale fashion brand Make Heads Turn.

Make Heads Turn primarily produces fierce, fresh enamel pins made to accessorize any outfit. With designs that range from food to people to slogans, the brand is committed to creating quality pins available both online and in various partner stores across the globe.

Although they have generated a big impact, the team behind the head-turning brand is small; the team is composed of founder Narijauskaitė and assistant Eglė Švedkauskaitė. As Narijauskaitė remarked, “It‘s not the easiest thing in the world to have your own fashion brand, so our friends and relatives are our occasional and crucial help.”

The two creatives are based in “a beautiful town of Vilnius, in Lithuania. This is our hometown; our first love and home for our ideas,” said Narijauskaitė.

Since its founding about seven years ago, the brand has matured in its image, products, and reach. But with maturity arises new challenges. Like with any passion project, there are often moments where the passion itself is backseated in favor of difficult, challenging work.

After all, it’s not just anything that will make people’s heads turn.

“I‘ve learnt to work in the team. As I said before, it was my idea and my brand, but during these years I’ve realized that you don‘t have to be alone in this. I found the people I can count on and with whom I can share ideas and responsibilities.”

Make Heads Turn has a lot planned for the future. In addition to their accessories brand, the same team has also launched a sunglasses brand: SUPERNORMAL.

Beyond that, Narijauskaitė isn’t giving much away. Where is Make Heads Turn going?

“Further.” And that is a triumph within itself.




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