Reaching New Heights with Ben Hood

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Photograph provided by Ben Hood

Audacious. Vibrant. Bold. This is what came to mind at the first glance of Ben Hood’s eccentric photographic style. With seemingly natural colors captured in their brilliance and a big pop of refreshing youth energy, Hood is an artist worth watching. Hailing from the Bay Area and only 18 years old, Hood talked to Aspirants about triumph, art, and hopes for the future.

He first started photography as a hobby to document his urban exploration; however, just like most worthwhile artists, this hobby has transformed into an outlet of creativity in which photography is all he can think about. This undying artistic passion has been his drive, his solace, and now, his major; in accordance with this, Hood stated,“I am currently obsessed with fashion photography and will try to pursue working on that in college.”

Artists often struggle with a wide variety of stereotypes, ranging from being doomed to destitution from the start or the off-the-bat characterization of the “starving artist.” Despite this consistent negativity, many of them end up victorious, grinning down at their doubters atop the height of their success. However, several refrain from gloating; instead, artists like Hood chose to find triumph in the simplicity of a job well done: “To me, triumph is what I feel when I am able to complete a project that I have worked on for a long time or one that people told me that I couldn’t do. Everyone should take risks in exchange for triumph and try to live their life to the fullest.”

Photography is a highly-contested facet of fine art that is often under fire for its categorization as an art form. However, Hood has addressed and transcended these conventional norms and plans to continue to advocate against them. He expressed his hopes for the near future to obtain more opportunities to express emotions through his art, in addition to meeting more dynamic professionals in the creative industry to flesh out ideas with.

However, art is not only the installation you see in the Metropolitan or the well-sketched drawing of a field hung up in your school’s gallery. Rather, it is a theme that warmly welcomes all who wish to put their own spin on it, whether they be veteran photographers or novice learners. As said by the experienced Hood himself, “There is art in everything. Even in a large scene, there can be smaller scenes discovered within.”

Read the full feature with Ben Hood in your copy of Issue 1: TRIUMPH.

Full feature edited by Chloe Wen & Zoe Rivera

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