Rob Woodcox: “to Create Dreams within Reality”

Photographer Rob Woodcox’s story starts with a dilemma that many young creatives know well—whether to choose a profitable but dull career or throw caution to the wind and follow an artistic passion. While following your dreams can be risky, Woodcox can tell you that an artist’s career can lead to more fulfillment and joy than ever imagined.

When asked about his photographic approach, the now 29-year-old responded with, “I aim to create dreams within reality.” Each shoot revolves around a strong purpose and Woodcox comes in with a clear vision of how he wants the picture to come together.

Woodcox’s style is bold and imaginative, dreaming up the impossible and making it reality. His models are often seen floating in the air, piled on top of each other in the ultimate human pyramid, or levitating in air with lavender floating around them. Woodcox’s deft use of Adobe Photoshop breaks the laws of physics, creating a magical other world full of stunning scenes.

Even when a model remains rooted down by gravity, Woodcox transforms them into a being other than human—beautiful, mysterious, all-knowing. His works seem to see the human condition and show us what we could all be if only we came together.

Photography is a powerful medium, and with his life experience shaping his worldview, Woodcox wields this knowledge wisely. “I think sharing our stories and visions are the best way to connect to other people, so I just try to do that through my photographs,” he said.

We’re not alone in seeing the value of Woodcox’s work—international companies such as Universal Pictures and Capitol Records have hired him, and he’s taught over 80 workshops to thousands of students. The photographer plans on releasing his first photography book, Bodies of Light, around the new year.

Woodcox’s work is all about showing others that a home exists within the human connection of shared experiences and the magic of art.

Whether through his surreal style or poignant work with social issues, Woodcox creates a place for his viewers to find peace and community in the enchanting world of his images.

To read more about Rob Woodcox, grab your copy of HOME today.

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Words by Martina Taylor

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