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Sabah Nawar on Puzzle Pieces & Major Changes

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Sabah Nawar loves a good puzzle. That’s why the 25-year-old designer got into design, although her story with the field doesn’t really start there. It starts with oil paintings and cubism, shifts to Tumblr themes, and makes pit stop at college with a business administration major.

Her aptitude for a design-driven career started at a young age; she just didn’t know it then. A lover of puzzles and thinking outside of the box, her teenage self saw her critical thinking and problem solving skills push her forward in the business world. She then went to college with an intended major in business administration.

Sabah Nawar by James McIntyre

“I became a business major because I like problem-solving. I’ve always loved a good challenge and developing strategies for good solutions because I’m very detail-oriented and analytical,” she said.

Shortly after, Sabah would find that the business world wasn’t cut out for her—she didn’t like her classes and didn’t find much of the learning material interesting, so she looked around her for inspiration and guidance. It just so happened that her roommate at the time was a graphic design major.

And, luckily enough, Sabah had some introduction to design during high school.

“In high school I had taught myself a bit of code by creating my own Tumblr layouts, so in my spare time I’d just be coding for fun,” she told Aspirants. “I enjoyed coding and how my roommate actually made things instead of just sitting with a textbook, so I figured a path in graphic design was the right one for me.”

Since then, graphic design has been a major component in her life. It’s not only a hobby, but her job. And, as she predicted in college, it turned out it was the right path for her. She now spends her days designing magazine spreads, websites, logos, and more—it’s exactly how she likes it.

Keep up with Sabah Nawar here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sbh.noir/

Facebook: facebook.com/sabah.noir/

Website: sabahnawar.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/sabahnawar/

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