Shayla Souliere Is The Next Big Thing

“Music brings such joy to life and helps me through so many hard times that life throws at [me],” said Souliere.

Souliere is a singer-songwriter based out of Canada. Even though the young artist has been in the music industry for five years professionally, she has been singing since she could speak. After being discovered by a Grammy-nominated producer based in Los Angeles, Souliere has continued to work and grow as a musician.

Over the years, Souliere has accumulated over 130,000 followers on social media, as well as many relationships and connections with other renowned, prevalent figures in the music industry. She believes that social media has had a huge impact on her career by putting herself in the internet spotlight and spreading her talent and message.

Throughout her career, Souliere has amassed a significant number of triumphs. The climax of her fame originated from her biggest victory: the release of her November single, “Let Me Go.”

“Let Me Go” is a poppy, bittersweet dance song. The single opens with an almost theatrical pairing of vocals and strings, which is quickly filled out with harmonies and and percussion. At the hook of the chorus, Souliere repeats, “Are you going to love or let me go?”

To this day, Souliere is working hard every day. Either by herself or in the studio, she continues to write every song with the same amount of passion and vitality.

“I hope to be the next big pop star,” said Souliere, “and by ‘hope’ I mean I ‘will’ be!”





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