Sonia Feldman is Merging Poetry and Mixed-Media

Poet and mixed-media artist Sonia Feldman sees putting a pen to paper and, as she puts it, “making its first life a physical one;” an ancient, sacred practice—something that she finds fulfillment in.

Photo by Lizzy Myers

Sonia, a Cleveland dweller, studied 18th-century British literature in school. “I am always prepared to give esoteric reading recommendations that my friends don’t want,” said. While she enjoys the classical styles, “[she] love[s] traditional, black typeface on white paper poems.”

Wanting to take the next step in her literary career, and introduce the intimacy of a handwritten poem on a platform that somewhat lacks it, Sonia opened an Instagram account dedicated to her poetry in an attempt to make her art form-which was seemingly uninteresting to her peers-available to a more reachable audience. It was there that she discovered the art of mixed media and ways to make poetry enticing to the visual consumer.

As a result of this, Sonia often pairs her handwritten pieces with visual pieces, to give the reader a more complete experience of her work. She mixes in “glued-in photographs or sloppy illustrations” to her handwriting. “[C]ombining words with images gives readers an opening into poetry, a place to start reading a kind of writing they aren’t used to and trusting their interpretations of that work.”

With many accomplishments under her pen, the future is bright and dynamic, if uncertain. There are a thousand ways things could pan out, but Sonia has an idea of what she would like to do.

“I want to keep pursuing traditional writing projects and also nontraditional writing projects. I would love to make a weird, atmospheric video game where I write all the text and collaborate with an artist on the visuals. I’m also working on a novel, and it would feel amazing to complete that manuscript.”

Creating whatever your soul yearns to is an often forgotten art, but something imperative in the current climate. If Sonia’s story teaches anything, let it show that pouring your entire being into your work is a personal victory, and may we, even unknowingly, craft our creative legacies.

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Words by Isabella Vega

Photo by Lizzy Myers

Editors: Danielle Irene, Hilary Kwan, Erika Wang, Chloe Wen

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