Tamia Reodica: Grrl Cloud, Animal Crossing, and Love Letters

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Tamia Reodica’s quite the jack of all trades. She’s a musician, a writer, a photographer, and an avid player of Animal Crossing.

“I guess I became vested in many interests because of the people around me. To begin with, my parents gave me a diary back in kindergarten, so I’ve been journaling since, and I think this is what got me into writing,” said Tamia.

She describes the people around her as the catalysts behind her many hobbies and interests, having picked up writing thanks to that diary her parents gave her, photography because of them too, later learning to love music because of how much she noticed it influencing her friends and family.

In addition to mainstream art forms, Tamia also has her own newsletter titled “love letter to life”—lowercase intentional. The name comes from her sentimental nature.

The newsletter was born out of a need to have a new and more centralized space for Tamia to write about things and share them—a place that wasn’t social media. The intimacy of the newsletter is something that she loves, as it’s only sent to people that signed up. It’s a modified version of a penpal.

Despite how her work reaches people, all of Tamia’s pieces are made out of her want to preserve memories—to have something to look back on when she’s 80.

Candymag, an online magazine self-dubbed “every Filipina teen’s best-est friend online,” recently named Tamia a member of the Candy Class of 2019. She was featured because of her solo electronic project, Grrl Cloud. The acknowledgment came as a bit of a surprise to Tamia, because in her words, she hadn’t “released anything or performed in a while.”

The Candymag feature gave Tamia some reassurance and has now motivated her to do more.

In the future, she wishes to improve her work in digital photography and create her own style and voice. She’s also interested in releasing an EP and converting her solo electronic project into a band.

To read more about Tamia, grab your copy of HOME today.

To stay up to date with Tamia, follow her on social media below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tamuarchive/ & https://www.instagram.com/grrlcloud/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/grrlcloud/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/grrlcloud

Facebook: Tofu Archive / Grrl Cloud

Words by Sofia Elena Arzola

Designer: Ndemazea Fonkem


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