The Musical Mystique of Not From England

The music scene in 2019 is, frankly, unpredictable. It seems that every new smash hit breaks another algorithm, genre, or mold—but there’s more to the music industry than what appears on the Billboard Hot 100.

Enter a group of four teenagers taking their first step into the modern world of music. Together, these boys are carving their path in music by fusing their myriad of talents: guitarist and vocalist Leo, 15, guitarist and vocalist Cass, 16, bassist DeRon, 16, and drummer Beckett, 15.

Not From England by Lucy Blumenfield

The young musicians are based in Los Angeles, California. If you happen to forget where the group is from, don’t worry. The band name is Not From England.

Not From England began publishing their music through SoundCloud, where they built a solid online presence. But they didn’t stay there. On Jun. 21, the group took their streaming game up a level by moving to Spotify via their EP titled Kick Me Down to Dead Horse.

“We definitely have a sort of surfy flavor in some of our songs probably because a lot of LA music has surf beats in it,” said frontman Leo, referring back to the crew’s location. “[But w]e try not to stay in one genre, and just play without really thinking about what ‘type’ of music it is.”

The LA teens have a long road of both hard work and hard bops ahead of them. Nevertheless, we feel confident they can reach their aspirations. And so do they.

“We still believe we can do anything,” Leo said on behalf of the band. “We aren’t afraid to try stuff.”

The future of the music scene is in anyone’s hands—and it might just be in Not From England’s. All it takes to try is that first step into music.

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