The Road Ahead for Photographer Khristen Wilson

The first time 21-year-old Khristen “Khris” Wilson picked up a camera was during a meeting of his photography club in middle school.

“I was only ten years old, and two years behind everyone else in my class due to skipping grades,” said Khris. “That was my first time really getting invested into anything other than school books at the time.”

Photo by Katelyn Kemble

Khris’ style has evolved since those days; it’s vibrant and all over the place, as he doesn’t stick to a certain lane. From colorful shots with eclectic subjects to moody and faded, almost gloomy scenes, Khris changes it up depending on what he feels. He wants to send the message that there is beauty in all things. From rappers performing to boudoir models, he wishes for people to realize the beauty in the world.

Much of Khris’ work captures ordinary people in everyday life. At 17, getting professional models to shoot with a rookie photographer proved to be difficult; so, he began shooting regular people. He’s come to love the authenticity and connection between him and people who aren’t professional models. He gets a sense of pride from being able to bring out the best in someone who’s never even been in a photo shoot before.

“A lot of the time models will put on a face or a pose or what they think you want and will go on auto-pilot in a way. With regular people and taking their pictures, it’s just them in their purest form.”

As for his future, Khris looks forward to releasing a photobook based on wrestling photography and opening up his own photography studio—an affordable one at that. He’d also love to teach kids how to use a camera and help fuel the next generation of photographers.

Khris Wilson is a photographer wanting to make his mark on the world through not only his art but also by nurturing new photographers. His legacy is still being built, but he’s focused on making sure that it’s one that will continue to influence the youth for years to come.

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Personal Instagram: kingkhristen

Photography Instagram: createdbykhristen

Twitter: kingkhristen




Words by Sofia Elena Arzola Lee

Portrait of Khris by Katelyn Kemble

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