The Creative Space with Tiffany Hernandez

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Photo by Anthony Cosme

Tiffany Hernandez cannot be confined to one space. If you asked her where she’s from, she’ll say New York and Colombia. If you asked her who she is, she’ll say queer and creative. She’s prone to grouping different parts of her identity together because that’s who she is: a conglomeration of many experiences. And, new experiences arise every day.

Even so, the artist ponders of the future. “I can only hope that I’ll still be making art that means something and that the world hasn’t imploded on itself by then and that my family and cats are healthy.”

It’s not unrealistic for Hernandez to expect art to continue to be a significant facet of her life; it already has been for over a decade. “I grew up writing stories and drawing out scenes in a composition notebook."

Since then, Hernandez hasn’t stopped creating.

“As I get older, I have come to realize my biggest triumph has been moving out at 18. At the time, I didn’t think much of it at the time ... [but] looking back on it, I realize being on my own has shaped my development as a human and artist.”

But most importantly, the artist noted, “Triumph is putting your ego aside and doing something good for yourself and good for others.”

Nearing the end of college, Hernandez recognizes the importance of defining herself without limiting herself. Amidst a journey of self-care, Hernandez is looking toward the future, but not only that, she is looking forward to it. Amidst a journey of self-care, Hernandez is looking toward the future with nothing short of optimism. “I work best under pressure, so often times I need that push. I need the pressure and a good soundtrack.”



Photo by Anthony Cosme:

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