The World in Words with Helena Pantsis

“My mother is glowing and the solar system has started spinning on an alternate axis—it is the chalk outline of a million things.”

This is the world as Helena Pantsis describes it.

Absurd? Yes. Unconventional? Of course. Influential? You better believe it.

Pantsis has found something special in words—the ability to experience life in a different dimension. She told Aspirants, “My inclination towards writing, viewing the world from beyond myself and seeing things for how they are, has really caused me to open myself up to being a far more empathetic and accepting person than I otherwise might’ve been.”

This growth is evident in Pantsis’ writing, especially in her piece, “Floorboard afternoon and the hazy light of dawn.” Born from feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, it became one of her most hopeful works.

The Australian college student has recently come into her own with the styles of prose and poetry. “There is such an immense freedom in writing without a specific plot, but rather with a focus on feeling.”

Having grown up in the age of the Internet, Pantsis’ work lives in a multitude of digital and physical mediums. Her Instagram, @helepant, features bits of her writing layered over images and intermingled with other art. Traditional media has also taken notice of her talent, as Pantsis is a contributor to DEAD EYES Literary Magazine, has work published in Rag Queen Periodical, and was featured in the Body Without Organs online literary magazine.

Pantsis may have her pen in the clouds, but her feet are firmly planted in the ground.

When asked about her next career move, the writer responded that her dreams were accompanied with more realistic goals. While getting books published is at the top of her list, Pantsis also acknowledged that a publishing or editorial position would ensure her a job with a subject that she’s passionate about.

At only 18, Pantsis is already thinking outside the box. In fact, she’s left the box far behind and is writing a whole new world somewhere we have yet to find. But don’t worry, she’ll bring it around.

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