Turn, Turn, Turning with Mariah Rose Turner

In our world, we’re surrounded with images daily. On social media and through other online platforms, image creators have thrived, resulting in an inundation of high quality photographs. These snapshots often change views, spur emotions, or simply allow for growth.

Recent London fashion school dropout and insanely talented designer, 18-year-old photographer Mariah Rose Turner wishes to be a part of this wave of images that society’s been hit with.

“You are what you eat visually, so let me feed you. I want to be a part of what alters minds and helps people’s artistic confidence grow,” said Turner.

Sharing her work is like sharing her view and understanding of the world. Involving others with her art is part of the process, and she wishes to spark reaction from those viewing her work. Through her art, Turner wishes for people to see themselves.

Fashion photography, and image creation in general, is the young creator’s favorite medium to work with.

“Part of it is working with people that intrigue me, whether that be through their style or through the way they act,” stated Turner.

The camera lens seems to bring out a different version of someone, a part of them that’s so drastically different from their normal persona—Turner’s work captures that perfectly. By integrating offbeat camera angles and vibrant colors, the artist creates mystifying visuals open to either observation or interpretation. That “person behind your front” is what Turner loves to capture.

Currently, Turner is in Los Angeles and aspiring to work as a photographer’s assistant before she gets a job or returns to London for school. After that, Turner is candid about her hopes for the future: “getting paid to do what I love.”

One image at a time.

Keep up with Mariah here:

Instagram: instagram.com/rozedr3amz/

Website: rozedreamz.com/

Twitter: twitter.com/ROZEDR3AMZ

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