Writing Real with Jada De Luca

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

“My writing has been described as many things: over the top, wasting space, too long, too descriptive. But if Charles Dickens can write sentences that are a page long, I can write the way I want, regardless of whether other people feel the need to give me ‘permission.’”

These are the words of the fierce Jada De Luca, a self-ascribed 17-year-old mixed-race writer from Australia.

Jada’s an emotional being. She’s a recent high school graduate, trying to find her purpose on Earth in the middle of the “clutter of growing up.” But beneath all that, she’s a passionate writer.

“I write. Expressing myself through words runs through the very fibre of my being. I’m a person with so much conviction in my emotions that I’m unable to suppress the awe and passion I have,” said Jada.

Her writing is “anything but austere,” going above and beyond thought. It tries to put the beauty and aesthetic of our world into words. It’s passionate, fierce, and extravagant to some, but it is the purest representation of Jada.

Photo for "The Night Grows" provided by Jada De Luca

In the future, Jada hopes to continue growing, spreading her message, and staying as fiercely unapologetic as ever. She wishes to explore her craft and hone it even more, maybe even publishing a body of work or performing poetry. And out of all of this, she wishes to stay a passionate dreamer, one that can find the beauty in everything.

“I want to express gratitude to anyone that gives my writing a chance,” said Jada. “Thank you to everyone who reads my work.”

Read the full feature with Jada in your copy of Issue 1: TRIUMPH.

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