You Butter Be Ready for Quin Liburd

Food holds a powerful, mysterious force. With the sight of heaping plates around a table, this force causes even the starkest of differences to dissipate. For the years that humans have been around, the act of creating food to be shared has been a sacred ritual, for both the artful hands who make our meals and the humble mouths who indulge.

Food blogger Quin Liburd calls this experience “kitchen therapy:” the action of taking time for oneself to create food made with love; love to be sliced up and shared with others, or eaten alone to care for oneself. The 31-year-old continues the legacy of the craft of cooking with her food blog, Butter Be Ready, where she guides her readers through the wonderous world of lamb lollipops, delicious baked veggie rigatoni, and the creamiest white mac and cheese ever.

Her blog Butter Be Ready was the result of the culmination of Quin’s experimentation with her newfound love for cooking. The quirky name was inspired by the cook’s love of butter, an ingredient she bought every single week at one point. Armed with a cute domain name, plenty of butter, and a camera gifted to her for her college graduation, the foodie was ready to take her love of cooking public.

Since Butter Be Ready’s conception in 2016, the site has become a delightful mix of delicious recipes and witty commentary. “When people visit my site or engage with me, I want everyone to feel welcomed regardless of their kitchen skills, race, or anything else,” said the cook.

The way we approach eating has changed tremendously over time, from a necessity to an art, one that can still be appreciated in this digital age. A lot has changed in the past millennium, but food still holds a beautiful legacy of comfort and compassion. Quin Liburd is making sure of it.

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Words by Martina Taylor

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