Writing Your Story with Quinn Lui

Words by Sofia Elena Arzola

Published Oct. 26, 2018

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“I am the kind of person who is more likely to apologize for swearing in front of bumblebees than in front of small children. The kind that uses the number of dogs seen in one day as a measurement of how good it was overall, and the kind that accidentally stays up past the sunrise but forgets to watch it. I think that’s all anyone really needs to know about me.”


That is how 18-year-old Quinn Lui likes to introduce themself. The Chinese-Canadian writer is currently pursuing their passion while also attending university this year.


Lui loves poetry. They have been writing it on and off since grade school, but the epicenter of their current interest in writing is not only their desire to grow as a writer, but also to share their work and read other writers’ poetry. “It just seemed like the Angsty Nerdy Teenager thing to do,” Lui laughed when reflecting back.


As of 2018, Lui’s been posting and submitting their work online for a few years. They will be releasing their first chapbook this autumn. In addition to formal publishing, Lui is also part of multiple writing groups online.


As a nonbinary writer, a lot of Lui’s work is about gender identity. This is part of how Lui has found their audience online; other people who identify beyond the dated gender binary find Lui’s honest poems. “In a way, I heavily associate my relationship with gender with my relationship with culture, so even for me, it can be difficult to tell wh[ich one] I am writing about.”

Despite all they have achieved with dozens of works published online and an chapbook coming soon, Lui still considers themselves to be an aspiring internet creator. They want other fellow aspirants to know, “[T]here is nothing better than finding a community that puts growth first — both your own and that of the other members. I’m not famous or anything like that, not by a long shot, but I consider my family of writers to be infinitely more valuable than any fame or influence I could have.”

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