Illustrating Life’s Poetry with Ramona Meisel

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Oct. 15, 2018

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“To create is an ever-changing progress that I try to embrace on a daily basis.” These are the words of writer and artist Ramona Meisel.


Meisel is a multi-hyphenate content creator based in Germany. Her main fields are writing and illustration with an “undertone of drama and tragedy.” As of Autumn 2018, she’s self-published over a dozen books that range from astrological poetry to fanfiction to romance, often maintaining a theme around the LGBTQ+ community.


“[A]s long as you have a story to tell, there is a way to share it. No content, no genre will spread you too thin if you learn to listen to your body and your soul. Any form of creative process, be it writing or art, always takes a piece out of you that you share with all the people who apperceive it,” Meisel wrote.

She’s been creating for a long time, so her craft certainly isn’t anything new to her. “Art has always been in my blood, [as] much as when people say they could hold a pen or sing a note before they could talk,” she commented.


“I don’t want to become famous for my art or writing. I create to inspire people. To share a piece of my life with them. But most above all I create for myself. Every written word, every artwork was created because I felt the need to put it on paper.”


This young writer has a lot going for her, and a lot ahead. Meisel published the eighth installment to her Greek gods series We Were Gods in October, titled Wasteland.


Meisel is a firm advocate of the idea that anyone can create with the right mindset. She encourages anyone who wants to create to get out there and do it.


“Never let anyone ruin your desire to create. Start whenever you’re ready. It is never too late to create; five years ago I had not written a word and today I self-published over 10 books already. Stop holding yourself to impossibly high standards. Surround yourself with positive people. Write from your heart. Don’t give up.”

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