The universal language of art with Sarah


Written by Danielle Irene

Published April 30, 2018

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“My name is Sarah Al-shimary. I live in Las Vegas, which is nearly infested with creativity.”


At just 17 years old, Sarah Al-shimary knows what she stands for and how to tell people.


When Al-shimary’s mother lived in Iraq, she was an artist. “Her continuous struggle in a foreign country motivates me to work harder,” said Al-shimary. “The stigma surrounded by artists in modernity is negative, biased, and unsupported. I think it’s objectively hard to succeed in any subject, actually.”


Even though Al-shimary recognizes the hardships that come with pursuing art as a career, she never let that stop her. In fact, she views art as a platform or catalyst for something greater. “My journey to creating art was not sudden, but rather a suppressed cry for help followed by the usual teenage angst.


“I have always shifted towards different movements and phases and I have never quite found myself belonging to one thing. Creation is an untapped power that is accessible to anyone no matter the age, gender, color, or belief. To create is to live.”


The influence Al-shimary speaks of is easy to spot in her work. By reading even just one line of her writings, the reader can tell that she advocates originality, boldness, and connection. Not a single facet of her art can be misconstrued. It is real, it is raw, it is risk.


At just 17 years old, Sarah Al-shimary knows what she stands for and how to tell people. Not only that, she knows how to communicate her message through art.


“I believe that art and expression has one of the greatest and most influential powers in society. Art is the universal language; whether it be music, literature, film, or visual art. Art should be relatable to any specific persons or minorities and should also aim to be a safe haven to those who do not have one.”

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