Fashion Formations with Sasha Escareño

Words by Sofia Elena Arzola

Published Nov. 30, 2018

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The internet is quite the learning tool.

That’s something model and fashionista, Sasha Escareño, can most definitely testify to.

Escareño actually has little technical training in fashion. Coming from a tiny town in which the population doesn’t care much for alternative aesthetics and arts, Escareño instead opted to study something other than fashion.

“I think that’s where I really turned to the internet and social networks like Instagram … as a way to research design.”

Escareño hasn’t only learned things online, they’ve used it to build a career, calling the internet “a place for those in proximity to violence in public to showcase a curated version of themselves.”


The fashion fanatic channels the key character traits of themself to make their way through their career field. “I think as a nonbinary/transfeminine person, social networks are crucial for establishing a career path in any art form,” said Escareño.


Not from the fashion “in-crowd,” Escareño’s perspective contrasts from others. “In terms of fashion, I’m more of an outsider. I didn’t go to Pratt Institute or Parsons [School of Art and Design], I am trying to ‘make it’ out of my bedroom and sometimes with my iPhone.”


Their location of Phoenix, Arizona also plays a part in shaping their perspective. “I think since we aren’t a North American megacity like NYC, LA, or Mexico City which are all fashion capitals in their own right, we have a really unique perspective of how we view trends.”


According to Escareño, the “coolest” part of a photoshoot is the collaborative effort. ”It’s truly magical to see the end result of collaborative work.”


Currently, Escareño is taking classes on fashion at a community college in Phoenix.


Escareño has a message for any other aspirants of the LGBTQ+ community who are trying to pursue a career in fashion. “Don’t be afraid to do what you want. People are going to think you’re weird no matter what. Also don’t be afraid to be dominant. LGBTQ+ people have every right to assert our ideas with the same level of confidence and sureness the rest of society has.”

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