Creating Beauty and Rage with Artist Scott Seeborg

Words by Danielle Irene

Published Dec. 24, 2018

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Art excites Scott Seeborg; he sees it at as a way to use his voice. The artist specializes in charcoal and pastel physical art and digital graphic design. Through art, he is seeking healthy comfortability and catharsis in a world that tends to push both away.


“I would describe my art style as layered pastel gradients with a linear, high contrast geometric overlay,” said Seeborg. If you think Seeborg’s art sometimes appears unconventional and abstract, you would be right—that is the reason why his art is so beautiful.


But it’s not the only reason. In late July of this year, he was a featured artist in his first public art show dubbed ARTual Reality. “After doing so many large and medium sized pieces in private homes, I thought it was time to go public!”


It was hosted by the Wabi-Sabi Society in Washington DC. “We had around 110 people come over the course of the night, and everyone had a blast!” exclaimed Seeborg. “I did a live piece . . . It was a super amazing experience and I love the piece that came out of it.”


On social media, Seeborg describes himself in a list of words in his bios, like many. His network bios read something like this: pastels, charcoal, graphic design, disabled, and puppies.


Seeborg has Ankylosing Spondylitis. Also called Bechterew’s disease, it’s a type of inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine and many large joints. But don’t be mistaken, his disability isn’t stopping him.


“[L]arge format pastel requires a lot of physicality. It’s the medium I love, and I’m not trying to let my Ankylosing Spondylitis dictate my medium, you know?” he said.


He added that being disabled is often advantageous in the artistic sphere. “Art is one place where a different perspective is necessary to create dynamic work, and I don’t know about other disabled artists but that helps me a lot. [Art] is also a place to get nonverbal things out of your body, without doing them to yourself.”


Simply put, he stated, “I want to communicate beauty and rage.”


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