Colorful Characters with Sebastian Curi

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Oct. 22, 2018

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Have you ever seen a graphic that instantly caught your eye? Whether it be plastered on a billboard or condensed into your Instagram feed, a modernized work of art that is fresh, innovative, and simple can stop you in your tracks and make you think, “Oh, I really like this.”


That’s exactly how I felt when I laid eyes on the work of Sebastian Curi. Curi is an Argentinian illustrator and animator, who recently moved to Vancouver, Canada with his wife. As a versed illustrator, he has collaborated with Apple, Facebook, Sony, National Geographic, and about a dozen other brand names.


Curi’s work afflicts an optical mix that’s hard to come by in modern times: striking yet soothing, prismatic yet placating. “I like to think my works live right next to others, like a chill neighbor that can borrow you a wifi password,” Curi commented.


“My work bridges colorful characters [and] bold illustration with graphic design and animation,” said Curi. When describing his art style, he elaborated, “I like to use strong lines, big shapes, and simple color palettes.”


With “around ten years in the animation industry” under his belt, the conversant Curi has found himself leaning more toward his illustrative work, rather than animation, in recent years.


The illustrations Curi produces are rounded, joyful snapshots of humanity at its most inflated moments. “My style, you could say, is an informal and wiggly view of illustration. I like to work with characters and simple colors. I absolutely love big shapes and how tense they could be so my approach to drawing usually tends to be very simple and abstract.”

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