Being at Home as a Foreigner with Stella Lo

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Aug. 9, 2018

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“Art is the intersection between feeling and expressing.”


These are the words of 19-year-old Stella Lo. As a multi-lingual multi-talented multitasker, she regularly transforms her life experiences into visual and lingual works that are bound to change your perspective.


Lo spent the first seven years of her life in America before her family moved back to Taiwan. As a kid, her dad often said she was “the most bizarre person” he had ever met. “To some degree, I agree,” Lo said. She didn’t talk much, didn’t socialize much, and was always seeking subtle ways to express herself.


Even now, not much has changed. “Creating art has became an important way for me to convey my thoughts and feelings. The idea of being able to express myself through writing, photography, or dancing is just amazing. Art is necessary for me to express.”


“I tend to take pictures in places I know well: my bedroom, my neighborhood, my ballet studio. It surprises me when I find a small corner that was unknown to me, those small corners usually become the background of my photos. I’ve been living in Taiwan for twelve years now, so I know this place well.”


Yet, it appears Lo will always feel like a bit of a foreigner. Despite having lived in America, Taiwan, and traveling to Beijing, she’s moving to Canada in the fall.


Lo believes it’s important to be yourself, despite what corner of the world you’re in. “When I was younger I used to be worried that I don’t have my own style, but as I grew up I realized how everyone has his or her own style because everyone is different. Our styles are influenced by our upbringing and experiences; they expose us as a person.”


Wherever she is, Lo is always home. In her childhood, she learned to piece together who she is through art. “It is easy to feel, but you have to understand your feelings in order to express them. With each film [photograph] I develop, I understand more about myself. I am a lot more at ease now.”


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