Inspirations with Stephanie Blackburn

Written by Ry Lei

Published Jan. 26, 2018

For some, art is simply a side project. It hangs on the wall, often admired but never amounted to anything more. For others, art is the centerpiece of the room that is life; it lives, breathes, and its’ heart beats at the same pace as the artist’s.


When I first met Stephanie Blackburn, she was a freshman in high school and struggling to hit the tennis ball over the net at our Saturday morning lessons. Now, about three years later, she jokes that she’s lost the ability to even hit the ball.


She began attending studio art classes at the age of five, and she’s been going back ever since. It’s been a vital part of her life, though the reason for her art and the inspiration behind it has shifted gears a few times. She cites her fashion design teacher Marina as the person who pushed her to do more; her hobbies turned into passions, paving the way for her identity as a multi-hyphenate talent.


“She encouraged me to put my visions to work regardless of how crazy it may sound or how it may be received,” said Blackburn.


On her Instagram, she’s living in blank white spaces and filling them in with every color and every feeling from pain to joy. Lately, her photos have been all about light blue and gold, reminding the viewer of summer days and having fun.


Blackburn’s ability to convey emotion through color may be a defining part of her photos, but her ability to adapt and use resources makes her a valuable team player. Saturday morning tennis lessons have paid off; she knows she has friends to rely on.

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