Banding Together with The Brazen Youth

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Jan. 15, 2018

4.5 thousand Twitter followers. 3.1 thousand Facebook likes. 2.2 thousand Instagram followers. By just glancing at their social media profiles, The Brazen Youth confirms suspicions that the power of local bands is only rising.


Charlie Dahlke and Nick Lussier formed the band in Lyme, Connecticut in 2014. In 2016, the band released their debut album titled The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man.


Of the process, Dahlke said, “Creating it was long. It feels so long ago that we made it. To sum it up, it was a burgeoning experience. So much was new for us, and the album is really just the product of our once virgin minds exposed to so much in such a little amount of time.”


Lussier agreed. “The creative portion of the album consisted of long, strange, and ritualistic nights of tracking, with slight impulses of frustration and understanding. We weren’t sure of how to bring our ideas to tangible form. Our circumstances entailed a sort of ‘we’ll know it when we hear it,’ type of mindset.”


The power of the local band is only rising, and The Brazen Youth recognize that. “My advice [to others] would just be to stay true to your artistic self,” Rubin commented. “Don’t force anything. Let things happen naturally. I feel like that advice is common, but it’s just so true when it comes to working with people you love and are making art with.”


“I still, and probably will always consider myself to be a small and local artist,” added Lussier. “However, I guess I’d say what I see as being true and applicable for myself: don’t depart from your individualism, don’t sacrifice your individual intentions for money or for popularity—pay yourself in self-respect, always, first.”


The Brazen Youth have an east coast tour kicking off on January 17 in Boston. “It’s going to be awesome and everyone reading this should try to make it out to a date. Hitting a bunch of new cities!” Dahlke said.

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