Photographing Life’s Narratives with Trejon D’Angelo

Written by Sofia Elena Arzola

Published Oct. 12, 2018

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In late 2016, after his family had just moved, Trejon D’Angelo was beginning a new school year. It was time for him to choose his new classes. He was then intrigued by an off-campus commercial photography class, and decided to add that to his schedule.


“I’ve always been into digital art, so I figured it would be cool,” said D’Angelo.


Little did he know, he’d soon be enamored with photography, taking portraits of his friends with his mom’s Canon.


D’Angelo described his work as a narrative: a story told through pictures, using color and lighting and all kinds of things.


“I want to feel something when I look at my photography. I want my audience to feel something.”


When beginning to work in something new, D’Angelo’s creative process will be spurred on and brought about by a moment or set of colors, something that he’ll want to create a narrative revolving around it. “Sometimes I just want to see what the material manifestations of my mind end up looking like,” said D’Angelo. “Either way, I’ll write notes down, draw figures, look for pieces of artwork that tell a similar story, scout locations and so on.”


Eventually, D’Angelo will get in contact with whomever he wants to shoot with, with the hopes of producing enchanting visual art.


“Sometimes, I’ll load up the raw files and fall in love! Other times, I get frustrated and scrap it for a while. All part of the process, I suppose,” said D’Angelo.


Currently, D’Angelo has just gotten in contact with a couple modeling agencies, and he plans to expand his photography portfolio, along with his network.


“Very soon I want to be in a place where I can call this my full-time career. There’s a lot of paper chasing and validating right now,” said D’Angelo.


D’Angelo is also looking to get out of his comfort zone and experiment a bit, and is scouting possible locations for a whimsical, personal project.


His final message to fellow artists and creatives?


“Keep creating! Don’t ever stop.”

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