Reuse and Recycle with Unamused Apparel

Words by Ry Lei

Published Oct. 29, 2018

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Unamused Apparel is exactly what it sounds like: it’s bold, it’s honest, and it’s blunt.


Riley and Parker Halliday had always used fashion as a way to stand out in their pocket of suburbia; if dressing in a unique and bold assortment of articles and colors was a game in high school, the Hallidays were certainly winning it.


“Since we are, and have always been, avid thrift shoppers we decided we wanted to upcycle second hand clothing,” they told Aspirants. “After taking a screen-printing class we were seniors in high school, and buying all necessary materials with a combined budget of $150, we created Unamused Apparel.”


All the Halliday twins needed was a push: they got two.


“We were reading the book Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso and became inspired by her story,” the two explained. “Also, one of our family traditions has been to watch Project Runway every year, and at the time that we started Unamused Apparel we were immersed in Project Runway Season 15, which became another inspiration for us.”


Like all siblings, they have their disagreements, but they say it’s what makes working with each other so fun and adventurous. At its core, Unamused Apparel is reflective of the twins in every way possible.


“We like to make clothes that make people smile; we’ve come to find most of our work, whether we mean to our not, usually garners a similar reaction,” they wrote. “Although there are works we’ve made that we consider serious or moodier, we never abandon our use of color and our touch of humor.”


Unamused Apparel isn’t different because it works with recycled clothing, or because the colors are bold and make a statement, it’s different because the Halliday twins have taken it in their own direction.


“What we feel is different about Unamused is its ability to start a conversation.”

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