Making Waves

with Wave


Words by Ry Lei and Danielle Irene

Published Jan. 28, 2019


“Since we’re female-fronted, we want to promote female empowerment with our music in addition to our message of perseverance and overcoming adversity,” the bandmates explained. “Our song ‘Flight Syndrome’ was written after [Barber]’s initial experience with her band prior to Wave Break, which sadly discriminated against her for being female. We hope that resonates with people, since we’re sure other people have had similar experiences.”


Wave Break certainly walks their talk when it comes to being a band that aims to “overcome adversity.” Not only does the band take special pride in being female-fronted, but also just giving a platform and space for any person who may need it, regardless of the specificities in identity.


“[P]retty much all of our music is in some way, shape, or form about overcoming adversity or self-doubt. We want people to feel like they can accomplish anything or power through difficult times when they listen to our music,” stated Wave Break.


You can keep up with Wave Break on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Wave Break: a band, a brigade, a birthplace. A new breaker of barricades and breacher of borders.


The name Wave Break is “a metaphorical term meaning to overcome adversity, an apt name for the newly-formed Boston-based band founded in April 2017 by lead singer/rhythm guitarist Kelly Barber,” according to their website.


Frontman Barber and her bandmates Alex Orav, Michael “Mike” Kolvek, and David Sachs have all been creating before they joined Wave Break. For these creatives, each of them stumbled upon music at different stages in life.


“For some of us, it took a bit of exploration before getting into creating music,” the band members said. “We all found out that we had a talent for it. We started getting more into it and developing a love for it and the rest is history.”

In mid-August, Wave Break released their debut EP titled Armory. In contrast to many existing pop punk and rock artists, Wave Break embraces the strong, female vocals of Barber.

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