Zoe Rivera: Writing Social Wrongs

Words by Danielle Irene

Published Jan. 21, 2019

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Zoe Rivera writes the social wrongs. Constantly.


The high school student is out to send a message that cannot be misinterpreted. The message being that she is a woman of color changing the world in any way she can.


At age 16, Rivera has already overflowed their resumé. Rivera not only maintains the norm of schoolwork and social life, but they also spends their time sending out newsletters for youth podcast We the Ppl and writing for youth social justice platform Redefy. And that’s just the skinny of it.


The young writer feels their own life experiences contrast from many others’. “I am a woman of color in a society that oppresses my very existence. I do not share viewpoints similar with a great portion [of people],” stated Rivera.

Rivera’s position of writing honestly and actively is nothing new. In fact, they've been writing since she was the age of five. “When I was young, I developed a [passion] toward the liberal and literary arts. I would write poems about the beauty of nature in my middle school years.”


Since then, their literary works have blossomed into something much more impactful to Rivera. “As I got older, however, the sweetly aroma of plant life died down and I was hit with the pungent odor of reality—specifically, the reality of being a woman of color in [America], and the globe’s, perspective.”


Rivera then realized that their skill of lingual expression could be used for more than personal catharsis. Rather, they can use their writing as a combatant to the endless harms of the world.


If that sounds like a lot for a teenager, you’re right. If that sounds like too much for a teenager, to Rivera, it’s worth it.

You can keep up with Rivera on Instagram Twitter, or see their Redefy work here.


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